............................................................................................... Identification please

............................................................................................... Identification please

Client: New Creative Agency | Award: € 10,000 or € 3,000 for a name and € 7,000 for a logo
Deadline: Closed

Develop a name, a logo or both for the creative marketing arm of a software producer now spinning off to be its own company. Both the name and logo should be distinctive and powerful on their own, but still rooted in the parent company’s personality.

The new agency has been the creative marketing division of a global sales software producer. The spin-off comes from the desire to separate the software development and product sales from another in-house expertise - creative marketing content development.

The new agency you’ll be naming or developing the logo for (or both) will act independently in the future, but thematically still share similarities with the parent company in their offer: digital technology solutions based on a deep understanding of customer needs.

Or as the founder puts it: “
Our agency is a new category of creative agencies. We believe that no two customers are alike, so we help our clients tailor a unique marketing message exactly to each individual customer.”

The agency needs a name and a logo. But like the founder says, this is a whole new category of creative agencies. That means the name and logo need oomph.

We want the new company to be perceived as an innovative creative sales agency that helps clients to control and shorten their complex sales process by creating digital strategies, storyboarding, engagement features and content development.

The agency’s audiences are marketing and sales departments of global companies such as healthcare companies, banks and insurance companies.

Our brand personality is about:
  • desire to innovate and create for the future
  • understanding and making an impact for the users
  • daring to go new ways
  • no nonsense
  • digital

For the name, we would like it to:
  • be a strong global expression, not necessarily English and ideally inspired by a more internationally recognised "root" language such as Latin, Greek, etc
  • be a conversation starter. You don’t have to understand immediately what it means, but it’s great if there is a story behind it(e.g. Orange, Razorfish)
  • be short, sharp and easy to remember (e.g. Apple)
  • sound great in English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese and Chinese (e.g. Porsche)
  • very importantly - can have its own .com-domain.

For the logo, we would like it to:
  • visualise brand values such as simplicity, user focus, intelligence, fun and humour, futuristic, personal
  • as it’s a new logo there are no restrictions, but it needs to work across many media including digital and printed media, signage, etc.

Please avoid clichés. We want to stand out and will appreciate a unique and original approach. Or as the founder puts it:

We are looking for solutions that inspire and are different and that are definitely unexpected. Maybe it toys with the conventions of what a logo or name can be. Maybe even a sound or a fragrance?

You can choose to send us:

A name solutions only
  • Please supply a short explanation of your name, including your inspiration for your work and any relevant considerations you think will be helpful in our assessment.
B name solutions including logo design
Please supply the following:
  • The logo in both colour and black and white, to scale, in digital format (EPS (CMYK), EPS black (CMYK), EPS white (CMYK), EPS (PMS), EPS black (PMS), EPS white (PMS) and illustrator CS4 ai.)
  • A short explanation of your name and your logo on a separate sheet. Include your inspiration for your work, and any relevant design considerations you think will be helpful in our assessment.
  • For every solution:
  • Please include your name and e-mail address directly on your submission
  • Intellectual Property, Legal: We are interested in any intellectual property information regarding possible patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc. This includes IP you own or that others own that might present a conflict.
  • Please submit in line with the Boblr® Format and Submission Standards

You may submit more than one name or name and logo solutions. Please keep all your submissions and explanations separate from each other, ie submit them separately. Entry is free.

When you are ready to upload files, please use our Webcargo service and simply click on the UPLOAD button and follow the instructions. No need for usernames or passwords, and files will be securely encrypted when sending.

Please note that by uploading your Solution, you accept the Boblr® Terms and Conditions

Name only: €3,000
Logo only: €7,000 (minor additional work to adapt winning name to identity will be expected)
€ 10,000 for both name and logo


In evaluating your work, we will be asking ourselves a few critical questions:
  • Does your solution live up to the expectation of ’name and logo with oomph’ as outlined above? Does it wow? Is it unique? Will it stand out?
  • Will it work across all media?
  • Does the name answer both functional and image criteria as specified in ‘What’ above?